Monthly Archives: August 2019

Starting up again

It’s been so long since I’ve written a post, that the length of time itself has become a hurdle; I have several partially written posts, languishing in draft form, but for a variety of reasons (fear, time, timidity, perfectionism, other euphemisms for fear) I have not completed or posted any of them. In a perfect play from the procrastinator’s handbook¬†the longer it was since my ¬†initial 2 posts, the more perfect the next post had to be…thereby guaranteeing another post never got written.

No more!

Starting today, I’m going to write something in this blog at least once a week. The lengths may vary.

I may not leave this particular post up forever, but for now I needed something to ‘break the seal’ on my 20ish months of not posting…and I didn’t want to mess up some more on-the-actual-intended-topic(s)-of-this-blog post with an apologia.

I’ll be back soon (and this time, I mean it!),