Disability Stage Right: A Podcast

This past summer I applied for, and got, a Canada Council for the Arts Digital Originals grant; these grants were designed to help live performance artists pivot their practice to a digital form, in the face of the pandemic.

For me, it offered an opportunity to engage with artists with disabilities, and record and share their experiences, advice and hopes–and importantly,¬†pay them to do so.

And, so, Disability Stage Right Podcast was born.

We’ll be linking all the episodes, and our social media, on Disability Stage Right Podcast Page which you can find by clicking anywhere on this coloured sentence.

Disability Stage Right (DSR) is a podcast about putting artists, access and disability on stage, right. DSR examines access to, and the barriers faced in, training, physical spaces and attitudes in theatre and performance through interviews and discussions with incredible Canadian artists with disabilities. It is fun, informative and covers a range of topics through conversation with from artists across Canada.
Season One guests include:
Debbie Patterson
James Sanders
Prince Amponsah
Isaac Vint and Trish Cooper
Christa Couture

Andrew Gurza (who is also our podcast mentor)

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