Disability Stage Right Podcast

Image of a rose coloured brick wall, with a brown door to the right. The words Disability Stage Right appear over the top half of the door, and Podcast appears at the bottom. On the left side of the image, the words "A podcast that puts disability on stage" at an angle with the word RIGHT much larger, and horizontal
Disability Stage Right (DSR) is a podcast about putting artists, access and disability on stage, right. DSR examines access to, and the barriers faced in, training, physical spaces and attitudes in theatre and performance through interviews and discussions with incredible Canadian artists with disabilities. It is fun, informative and covers a range of topics through conversation with from artists across Canada.
Season One guests include:
Debbie Patterson
James Sanders
Prince Amponsah
Isaac Vint and Trish Cooper
Christa Couture
Andrew Gurza
The project was funded entirely by a Canada  Council for The Arts Digital Originals Grant
Pre-production began in August of 2020, and the interviews were conducted between September-December 2020
The episodes will drop weekly beginning on December 31, 2020 and can be found here
Media and other inquiries can be directed here
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About the team:
Stefanie Wiens (creator, co-host) is an actor/writer/producer and an occupational therapist (OT), who works as an accessibility choreographer in both theatre and film.
Myles Taylor (co-host) is a filmmaker and actor who happens to have cerebral palsy.
Angela Chalmers (producer) is a film documentarian and theatre practitioner who acquired her disability a decade ago.
The team is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the middle of Turtle Island, on Treaty One territory.